The Geneva Motor Show 2016


C-Class Cabriolet
C-Class Cabriolet
From the 220S Ponton cabriolet to the iconic 190SL roadster, Mercedes-Benz has a long history of creating stunning convertible cars that combine a high level of ingenuity and attention to detail that set pulses racing and capture the public imagination. And at the Geneva motor show Mercedes-Benz plan to showcase a host of new convertibles continuing this proud tradition.
Mercedes-Benz will offer "all-season open-air driving pleasure included as standard." Features such as Airscarf will be key on the two new editions, this features blows hot air around the neck to keep drivers warm even when the British weather isn't -- and outside air filtering and deflecting systems could well come as standard equipment. As for performance, the initial model line-up will be topped by a twin-turbo V6 with 362bhp on tap but that will bettered by a V8 AMG version.
As with the previous Brabus-tuned smart Fortwo, interior and exterior styling upgrades are inevitable, with the addition of larger, Brabus alloy wheels, a central twin exhaust, upgraded bodywork and a more luxurious interior is expected. What exactly Brabus has done is still under wraps but there’s hints that the engine will deliver more than 130hp and will be offered with a dual-clutch paddle operated transmission as well as a five-speed manual.
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