Mercedes-Benz S-Class is too complex for robots to assemble


With the world constantly evolving thanks to modern day technology, robots have become a common site on assembly lines, and that even includes Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plants. Although this is all about to change with the production of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
"Robots can’t deal with the degree of individualisation and the many variants that we have today," Markus Schaefer, head of production at Mercedes-Benz.
The assembly lines at Mercedes-Benz have begun to remove the robots and replace them with humans. "The variety is too much to take on for the machines," Schaefer said. "They can’t work with all the different options and keep pace with changes."
With these changes being put into place this means features such as the monogramed seats and temperature-controlled rear cup holders will be installed by an actual person rather than a machine.
This change to the S-Class build hopes to bring back the distinct feel of having a real custom made Mercedes-Benz.