Mercedes-Benz Achieves No. 1- Customer Satisfaction Study


We are pleased to announce that Mercedes-Benz have achieved the highest ranking in the Premium Set in this year’s J.D Power UK Customer Satisfaction study.
Results were published on 10th June and show an increase of six places over the last year. Mercedes-Benz achieved this fantastic result by attaining an 18% increase on their previous score.
The study surveyed customers with cars registered between February 2013 and April 2015, measuring their satisfaction across five key measures (in order of weighting):
·Service Quality
·Service Initiation
·Service Advisor
·Vehicle Pick-up
·Service Facility.
The Mercedes-Benz rating for each of the five measures was higher than, or equal to, Audi and BMW which lead to ranking as number one.
This year’s fantastic result has been driven by the staff at Mercedes-Benz commitment to delivering outstanding customer service to the growing vehicle parc.
Thank you to all the dedicated staff members for your hard work and commitment behind this result. And to our customers; we look forward to continuing delivering consistently outstanding customer service to you all in the future.